Pictures By Larry Hempfling


Mac met 3 of the players in Vietnam 1967

Pictures are by  "Mac" Gray McMahon

Pictures by Smiley

HHC 1st BDE Choppers  " Flying Circus"

Mays ??   by Billy

Top gun , Mays, Billy.    by Billy

Larry, Mays, Queen, Sikes, Jim Farrell, Shoopman, Mullins, Hall.                                          L Z Rita 1968   by Billy

Mays, Jerry, Walt.    by Billy

Carl, Mays, Larry, Rest ???       by Billy

Jerry White, Mays, Walt, Shipley.    by Billy

Carl & Mays with captured weapons    by Billy

Carl Phypher, Mays, Billy,  L Z Rita 1968      by Billy

       Billy, Queen, Shoopman 1968        by Billy

Billy & Case Of C Rations        by Bill

Billy Lewis Antiaircraft GUN   A SHAU  Valley, DUCK YOU NAME OTHER 3 1968                  by Billy

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                    PICTURES By Michael Crume

Pictures  By  Rocky

Pictures By Lee Livingstion

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Pictures By Terry Shoopman "SHOOP"