CAV HEART by M. McGhie

The "Angry Skipper" Honor Roll

These D2/8 1st Cavalry Troopers gave their lives fighting in the Republic of Vietnam.

rankName  /  Hometown___________________________DOBDODLoc/ Wall
SgtRichard Arthur Coffey, Los Angles, CA21 Oct4104Nov653E/17
PfcWright Bartwyn Hamill, Albany, OR26Aug4604Nov653E/17
CplEddie Lee Hill Jr., Mobile, AL07Jul4004Nov653E/18
Sp4Terry Allen Rippy, Hammond, OR30Sep4222Apr666E/128
SgtPaul William Malec, Summerdale, Al24Jan3714May667E/59
PfcFermin Saldana Jr., San Antonio, TX10Feb4623May667E/106
2LtMichael Douglas Derosier, Ft. Walton Beach, FL16Apr4319Sep66
SsgPaul Edward Floyd, Jr., Clinton, MA08May3414Oct6611E/73
CplDonald Francis Yates, Round Lake, NY12Sep4628Jan6714E/94
CplPeter Joseph Keller Jr., Detroit, MI31Jan4528jan6714E/91
SgtWilliam Burton Jr., Hopkins, SC02Jan4501Mar6715E/125
CplRobert Edward Johnson, Highland, NY14Nov4601Mar6715E/128
PfcRobert Lester Van Gieson, Van Nuys, CA21May4712Mar6716E/71
PfcMichael Neal Johnson, Brentwood, MD19Nov4718Mar6716E/105
SsgJohn Henry Willis, Philadelphia, PA02Nov4218Mar6716E/105
PfcRalph Traylor Woodall, Jr., Jesup, GA14Apr4418Mar6716E/108
Sp4Clayton Middleton, Cincinnati, OH26Sep4518Mar6716E/103
PfcVance George Williams. Dallas, TX21Nov4602Apr6717E/94
PfcDaniel Ivan Nelson, Rutledge, MN19Oct4730May6721E/18
Sp4Terry Russell McComb, Lapeer, MI01Nov4605Jun6721E/59
PfcGeorge Steven Sutt, Indianapolis, IN04Aug4730May6721E/19
PfcCharles William Krueger, Menasha, WI13Jul4731May6721E/23
CplLonney Lewis Ehlers, Rhodes, MI09Jun4701Jun6721E/27
2Lt*Michael E. Bennett, Brentwood, NH14Apr4601Nov6728E/107
Sp4Allen Eugene Follett, Independence, MO13Nov4411Dec6731E/79
Sp4John Paul Paulson Jr, Neenah, WI15Aug4711Dec6731E/82
SgtWyatt Cecil Gordon, Lawrence, IN03Apr4831Jan6836E/4
Sp4Robert Eugene Gardner, Sylacauga, AL22Sep4219Apr6850E/46
CplRichard Allen Carlson, San Francisco, CA30Mar4824May6867E/5
Sp4Larry Dean Novak, Platte Center, NE17Mar4824May6868E/5
SgtJacob Robinson Weldin, Wilmington, DE18Aug4606Jun6859W/17
PfcBrian Carl Winner, Detroit, MI08Sep4707Jun6858W/1
SgtRobert James Ross, Charlotte, NC01Jul4701Jul6854W/32
1LtHarrison E. Woehnker, Jr., Minneapolis, MN07Jul4318Jul6851W/9
CplStanley Lloyd Grunstad, Everett, WA21Apr4719Jul6851W/10
PfcRoger Theodore Fast, Butterfield, MN14Jan4819Aug6848W/54
Sp4Ronald Duane Golden, Superior, WI22Jul4420Aug6847W/7
Cpt*John Robin Wiest, Billings, MT11May4012Oct6841W/055
PfcMichael John Cromie, Harperwoods, MI06Apr4818Nov6838W/6
Sp4Raymond Joseph Ahern, Jr., Philadelphia, PA14Jan4826Nov6838W/63
Sp4Willie Gerald Jones, Fort Lauderdale, FL15Nov4704Dec6837W/40
Sp4Donald Robert Stoltz, Milwaukee, WI17Jan4804Dec6837W/42
SsgWilliam Charles Williams, Horton, MS15Oct4604Dec6837W/44
Sp4Elliot Velez-Rodriguez, Vega Baja, PR29May4721Jan6934W/54
CplWarren Reed Eskridge, Tangier Island, VA09Sep4728Jan6933W/7
Sp4Carl Dale Pipher, Canton, OH31Mar4928Jan6933W/11
CplJames Edmonds, Burlington, NC12Jul4805Feb6933W/62
Sp4Chester John Kmit, Williamsburg, MA11Apr4505Feb6933W/65
PfcNeil Shipp Brown, Salt Lake City, UT07Aug4402May6926W/97
CplGeorge Arthur Brown, Whaleyville, VA19Jan4812May6925W/62
1LtJohn Preston Karr, Kenner, LA14Jan4725May6924W/104
PfcWayne Eric Garven, Mt. Vernon, OH04Feb4825May6924W/102
CplRichard Neal White, Golden Valley, NM30Jul4625May6924W109
CplThomas Michael Marchand, West Chester, PA19Nov4712Jun6922W34
CplMichael Dennis Muse, Garland, TX07Jan4816Aug6919W/51
CplWilliam John Anderson, Jr.,Lorain, OH05Jun4824Aug6919W/105
Sp4Hugh Henry Sarah, Plymouth, MI05Aug4523Sep6917W/1
Cpl**Albert Harold Altizer, Squire, WV11Apr4908Oct6917W/49
PfcJoseph Henning Benson, Coram, MT16Feb4908Oct6917W/49
PfcJerome Milton Taylor, Battle Creek, MI14Nov4708Oct6917W/49
Sp4Anthony Jack Carlucci, New York, NY22May4920Nov6916W/98
CplPeter Karl Matthei, St. Louis, MO06Sep4520Nov6916W/101
PfcKenneth Frierson, Alcolu, SC09Nov4925Jan7014W/64
SgtRichard Lee Wiseman31Aug4818Mar7012W019
Ssg*William Joseph Montague, Valley Stream, NY10Apr4212Feb7013W/2
PfcTony Rava, Mt. Angel, OR30Aug4918Feb7013W/31
CplKenneth Michael Flashner, New Orleans, LA21Nov4628Feb7013W/68
CplFrancis Louis Ware III, Youngstown, OH10Sep4906Mar7013W/89
CplMichael Charles Jackson, Simi, CA10Sep4917Mar7012W013
Ssg*James Cooney, New York, NY01Jul4709Apr7012W/112
CplKenneth Walter Gonder, New Brunswick, NJ03May4719May7010W/64
CplCraig Thomas Waterman, Rockwell City, IA30Sep4903Sep707W/37
PvtJames Lee Getter, West Helena, AR18Aug5116Mar714W/52
CplJames Melvin Cardwell, Castro Valley, CA25Jun5020Apr714W/135
CplDanny George Drinkard, Ferndale, MI15Oct5020Apr714W/135
CplJoseph Lindsey Hall, Little Rock, AR05Apr5120Apr714W/136
CplStanton Gerald Sargent, Grenada, MS15Jan5021Apr713W/1
Sp4Charles W. Roberts, Jr., Atlanta, GA13Nov4918Jul713W/110
PfcWilliam John MaKowski, Buffalo, NY16Oct5121Oct712W/46
Sp4Oscar Aguilar, Fairfield, CA05Apr5110May721W/15
SgtWilliam Arvel Boatright, Abbott, AR28Dec4910May721W/16
PfcSteven Edward Bowersock, Lima, OH25Sep5110May721W/16
SgtEdward Denzel Burnett, Jay, OK06Dec5110May721W/16
Sp4David Cruz Flores, Agana, GM20Aug5210May721W/17
SgtDieter Kuno Freitag, Ft. Dix, NJ10Sep4610May721W/17
PvtJames Douglas Groves, Maysville, KY06Jul5310May721W/17
Sp4Frank Theodore Henson, Massapequa, NY06Oct5110May721W/18
Sp4Donald Edward Howell, Los Angeles, CA14Nov4710May721W/19
Sp4Freddie Jackson, Cocoa, FL14Feb4410May721W/19
CptKenneth Rosenberg, New York, NY25Oct4210May721W/19
Sp4Gary Robert Monteleone, Saugus, CA27Jul5210May721W/20
PfcDean Anthony Phillips, Tiro, OH14Nov5110May721W/20
SgtJames Christian Jensen, Elsinore, UT21Jun5110May721W/21
PvtJackie Ray, Jackson, MI19Apr4910May721W/21
Sp4Richard Ridgeway, Bloomington, IL13Aug5110May721W/21
PfcJohn Tenerio Sablan, Agana, GM03Jun5310May721W/21
Sp4Clarence L. Saulsberry, Jr., Chicago, IL31Dec5110May721W/22
Sp4Raymond Joseph Shiko, Kingston, PA02Aug5310May721W/22
Sp4David Wesley Sulser, Galion, OH28Oct5110May721W/22
PfcThomas Eugene Wood, Tacoma, WA16Aug5310May721W/22

* Former D/2-8 soldiers that died in Vietnam after leaving "Angry Skipper".

** Missing in Action (body not recovered)

Albert Harold Altizer, Squire, WV. The only Soldier We left behind.

Going To Washington, DC ? Print out this list for names and "Wall" locations.

Note: On May 10, 1972 the 1st Platoon (formerly "White Skull") and the CP with Capt. Kenneth Rosenberg were killed in a Chinook helicopter crash enroute to Vung Tau Vietnam for an in country R& R. The 2nd of the 8th Cav left Vietnam in June 1972.

A Memorial to the Helicopter Crew

The Chinook Helicopter that crashed was "United 157" of the 362nd Aviation Company, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). It was piloted by Cpt. Barry Tomlin and Lt. Samuel Harrell and crewed by Sp5 Larry S. Mustin, Sp4 Alvin R. Elenburg and Sp4 Terry D. Neiss.

Chinook 157 

To be continued as more names are confirmed.

A Rendezvous In The Sky

by 1st Sgt. Charles L. McGhie (1920-1976)

I have dreamed of a rendezvous high in the sky, A place where true buddies will meet by and by. Those who were parted as time went along, Those who have lived and those who are gone. It may be a cloud of silver, that glows in the sun, It may be a star we see when the day is done. It may be a planet, the moon or maybe! It's so far in the distance we cannot see. There is a place we all know it's true, Because we trust in God, and he said so too; He said we would part for perhaps many years, And we accepted this parting through a shield of tears. With a hand clasp and embrace, we all said goodbye, We knew some would come home and others would die. We promised each other that those who were spared, Would help mend the hearts of the loved ones who cared. I'll be going back soon to our little town; There'll be a few of the gang who won't be around. There will be memories at every turn of the hand, Of things we accomplished and things we had planned. I promise my happiness and dreams I will share, With my buddies who are waiting for me up there. I'll keep in mind the things that occurred, From the time of our parting till life became blurred. Then I'll pass them on when the meeting takes place, And we greet the smile of a familiar face. Yes, a group of fine soldiers, heroes all, Who one by one have answered the call. We'll let Old Glory billow the song that we love, We'll salute our commander who rules up above. Then taps will sound and we'll all pass by, When we meet at the rendezvous high in the sky


  • The Mansions Of The Lord (Suite)6:32
  • Amazing Grace4:58